Monday, February 1, 2010


Yes, there is a Cheers in Saberton WV.

A bold statement I know, but I am still going to lay it out there.  The hardest thing to do is find the place, it is in the back corner of nobody knows how to find its ville.  Actually coming off of interstate 68 heading into Saberton take the first right before Sheetz, then take the immediate right and it is 100 yards up on your left hand side. However, I bet you didn’t know there was even a road there.

Once you find the place, you will never forget how to get there. Twenty-one and up only please (yes they do have slot machines).  Come for the cheep cold beer stay because you make friends and come back for the food again and again..

The atmosphere of the place has a good feel to it. It is a well kept up dive bar. With lots of rich dark woods on the floors and tables and, a good bar to sit at and B.S. at, you don’t mind getting comfortable and staying for a while. TVs everywhere, and yes they will show Football and NASCAR at the same time.  They even have trivia and guitar hero if you run out of stuff to talk about.  The only issue with the place I had was that occasionally because it is small It can get smoky in there when a lot of people light up at once. But it is a bar and if you are one of those people that complain about stuff like that, you probably wouldn’t enjoy this place anyway because you might over hear someone having a good time too.  You don’t come her for afternoon tea wit the Queen. You go here to blow off steam after work and cuss about your day.

The Staff is awesome after you come her once or twice they start to recognize you and remember what you drink and just bring it over with out even asking…. Does anything make you feel better than that? Makes you feel welcome and that people are happy that you are there. Love it. A few of the main characters are Kay (hope that’s how you spell it) and Angela. Kay is the front of the house lady. This Woman is very cool. Talks to everybody, makes you feel like family, thanks you for being there and appreciates your business. If you want it, she will make sure you get it. Angela is the Chef de Cuisine and with a remodeled kitchen, she puts out some killer specials that we will talk about in a minute. The barmaids Brittany and A.J are fun and talented too, some might even call them attractive, and those who didn’t would be wrong.    

The Food, The food here is good but some of it is really good.  Get the Specials. They have specials here that are made fresh daily, not specials to get rid of old junk. Moreover, there are different ones every day. Some of my favorites are on Mondays Spaghetti and Meatballs… Yes, I know what you are thinking Really Zach, Spaghetti and meatballs at a dive bar… Yes, I know what I am talking about. The meatballs are made from scratch not from a bag, and they are fantastic. On Mondays, I imagine Angela looking like an Old Italian grandmother with a housedress, pink slippers, and too much Jewelry on hunched over a cauldron sized pot listening to old Dean Martin records stirring away for hours.  It is good try it.

Tuesdays.. Probably the best day to go to this place is on a Tuesday.  For the lunch, special Angela whips up homemade meatloaf and gravy with mashed potatoes. This is a meaty, hearty, meat loaf not a whole lot of peppers and onions in it just enough to impart flavor but not enough to take away from the main attraction., The Meat. Tuesday is also Taco Tuesday. WHOO HOO I know right tacos, who cares, if you wanted tacos you could just go to taco bell right.. If you are saying this then shut up and listen buster. In either pulled Beef or Pork, soft or hard, These are the best tacos in or around town slow roasted meats Beef Brisket and Pork Shoulder cooked for hours with and then pulled by hand massaging out all of the potential flavors with all the love and care of someone who enjoys what they do.  Served on a grilled or deep fried tortilla depending if you want hard or soft put your own toppings on it over at the toppings bar and there you have it. How much would you expect to pay for a taco like this? $4 or $5…. Well you would be wrong you can buy them for  $.75 or a buck fifty for two. They are not small either. Definitely worth a try, you will find yourself looking forward to Tuesdays.

They also do a really good Fish Fry on Friday a 9oz Pollack filet (Gordon Ramsey’s choice fish for fish and chips) Deep-fried to a golden brown served with fresh cut fries. It is good and lent is just around the corner.

The burgers are good. Half-pound burgers cooked to medium well served on a toasted bun.  Have it your way, or their way, but either way it is a good choice every time.  Best about them… they are available every day.

They have a couple of good appetizers.  You have to try the potato skins; real potatoes, real cheese and real bacon combine to make an exquisite cheesy, bacony, velvety smooth taste, that rolls across your tongue like the winds across the plains of Africa The whole family would enjoy them but you have to be 21 to get in.  A must have is the nachos. They make there own chips. Ill type that once more. They make there own chips. They deep-fry the tortillas for each order of nachos, the chips are good plain, and these are garbage nachos, piled so high they should be served in a bucket not on a plate.  A must try, but not a must try on a first date. These are so good I almost bit off my own finger trying to shove them in my mouth so fast.

They have salads and they are huge, they use good romaine lettuce and fresh vegetables to put together some bright vibrant looking good tasting salads, I didn’t order one, I’ve tasted someone else’s though. I did mention they had good hamburgers.

Soups…. Angela is a Soup Guru, Beef vegetable, broccoli cheddar, Creamy tomato, chicken this, and bisque that. Whatever is on special is fresh and is definitely good. She even makes a Cheeseburger Soup. I know what you are thinking that sounds stupid, and until I tried it, I too was an ignorant fool. This creamy concoction is like eating a warm hug from a long lost friend, I have never met anyone who did not like it. If you don’t like it, I think they perform exorcisms on the third Thursday of every month at the church downtown. I’ve asked how she makes it but she said, “no I wont tell you” so I didn’t ask anymore I just asked for another bowl.
They have other food that is good but it is your standard bar food done pretty well, the wings are good; they have some creative sauces like Cajun Honey Jalapeño, and Medium Parmesan.  Good cheese sticks they use real cheese, not plastic. They also have your typical bar sandwiches Philly steak etcetera…. 

Get the specials though, they are always good and it is always enough to satisfy. Come in and stay for a while you will enjoy yourself I know I did.

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