Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is the reason for all of this

So why start a blog about a bunch of guys that eat a lot, drink to much and are to picky about their food? Because it is a good time that's why. Imagine if you will a core group with occasional guests that have discerning pallets, and opinions about service and atmosphere. Almost all of us are or have been in the bar and nightclub business. We come together at least once a week and try out new places or revisit old favorites. We have been to most if not all of the restaurants in and around the Morgantown WV area, and we travel to Pittsburgh occasionally.  So in an effort to offer a "professional amateur" opinion telling you about the good, and the bad in every restaurant we visit. We set out with this venture to enhance the public understanding about the myriad of options available. The chain restaurant isn't always the best choice even though it might be the easiest.

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